SuryaShakti™ empowerment brings you a stronger connection with lord Surya, making it possible not only to tap the healing & rejuvenating powers of the Sun, but also its tremendous metaphysical potentials.
The Vedic scriptures of the Hindu religion refer to the sun as the store house of inexhaustible power and radiance. The Vedas are full of hymns describing the celestial body as the source and sustainer of all life on earth. The origin of the worship of the Sun in India is thus several centuries old. The sun stands for knowledge, spiritual light and wisdom.

Surya is worshiped as a chief solar deity. He is a vision of the divine, whose light fills all the worlds. Surya is also the Cosmic Pillar and support of the universe and the symbol of the Supreme. Surya is the most popular Vedic God. In Rig Veda III 62.10 he is worshiped as Savitr, the source of life and light. Legend has it that Samba the son of Krishna was cured of leprosy by his worship of the sun god. It is still believed by many that sun worship offered at several of the sun temples all over India, for many ailments.

This attunement/empowerment brings you a stronger connection with Lord Surya installing the Sun in the temple of our body so that it dispels darkness by its effulgence once and all for all time-the darkness of ignorance. Also you can access the greatest of disinfectants and healing power of the Sun.

This training encompassing:

  • Activation and opening of all healing channels
  • Cleansing and energizing of the chakras 
  • Empowerment of vital energies of lord Surya
  • Distant and in-person healing techniques


  • Complete guide regarding Surya Namaskara better known as Sun Salutation. It allows to use the body as an instrument of higher awareness, so that one can receive wisdom and knowledge.
  • Healing & using SuryaShakti or simply meditating with it yields very quick positive results & much, much more.
  • Its highly potent & works on acute conditions in skin, endocrine glands & skeleto–muscular disorders.


This course comes with an e-manual, attunement, e-certificate and on-going support for an investment of $50 OR INR 1900 Kindly use Buy Now button given bellow Or other payment options.

You will receive:

  • The original SuryaShakti manual via email
  • Your distant attunement will be sent to you by founder Mohan Chute after you have read through each of the manuals and have asked any questions that you may have. This is necessary to ensure that you are spiritually and mentally prepared for the energetic acceptance of your chosen attunement. Your distant attunement will then be sent using the call in (chi ball) method or at an appointed time and day.
  • Certificate with full lineage and genuine signature by founder Mohan Chute.
  • Full lifetime support.

Once you complete payment, kindly fill SuryaShakti Attunement Request Form. The confirmation mail and the manual will be emailed to you shortly after receiving payment. (Usually within 48 hours, at most) *If you do not get the email manual within 48 hours, please contact us through the contact us page and let us know so we can send it again. Sometimes email's get caught in the spam filter so check there also.

Once you have completed the distant attunement, you need to send us a brief summary of your understanding or insights also your experiences. You may send healing to needed people at, Distant Energy Healing this will give you more practical knowledge. Taking this step also brings the professional greater responsibility.
Also send us the name you wish to be on certificate with date of attunement. Certificate with full lineage and genuine signature by founder Mohan Chute will be sent to you. Certificate Request Form

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  • 10,000 Attunements
  • Millions Benefited

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